Cleaning Solution

Grain cleaners separate impurities from grain, to produce pure grain and a high-quality product. Our cleaners separate impurities based on their size, weight, and the weight of the product.

Drum Sieve

TQCY series drum sieve is suitable for front feeding parts of pre-cleaning, cleaning materials, light impurity. This machine has high output, low power consumption, simple structure, easy installation, low maintenance etc., .

Vibration Cleaning Sieve

Vibration Cleaning Sieve

Oversize cleaning screen sifter, Suitable for kinds of wheat, paddy cleaning to impurity, Good effect, and large output
High strength material, Rational structure, Sturdy And Durable

Vibration Cleaning Sieve With Automatic remove big impurities

It wins the new patent with the special design to achieve the whole machine balance, smooth action, and overall structure will not be affected by heaving loading.