TQSF Gravity Destoner


  • Function : to remove stones from continuous granular grain flow by density.
  • Application: free-flowing grains and seeds
  • Capacity:1~22 t/h ( based on wheat)

Hyde Machinery TQSF gravity grader & destoner is widely used to remove stones by density. Heavy impurities such as glass , metal can be removed by different density; Light impurities like grass seeds, slag, soil, dust can be removed efficiently by air cleaning (for machine with air system).

တုန်ခါမော်တာ နှစ်လုံးကို သုံးထားပါသည်။ ဈေးနှုန်းသက်သာပါသည်။ ဖွဲ့စည်းပုံ ကျစ်လစ်ပါသည်။ လုပ်ဆောင်ချက်မြင့်မားပါသည်။

Technical Data

ModelCapacity (t/h)Screen Width (cm)Screen Dip Angle(degree)Air Suction(m3/h)Power(kW)Weight (kg)Size(mm)

TQSF100 destoner Peacebrothers made

Posted by Win Htut Aung on Friday, 12 July 2019

မုံရြာစက္မူဇုန္ peacebrothers ထုတ္ TQSF100 ခဲေရြးစက္ ေတာင္ငူျမိဳ့ ပစ္တုိင္းေထာင္ဆန္စက္ အသုံးျပုေနျခင္းပါ 092130981-976204987

Posted by Win Htut Aung on Wednesday, 28 January 2015