Intelligent Peace Brothers Paddy Dryer


Gain Dryer

Rice, Bean & Corn 

Intelligent Peace Brother Dryer (Made in Myanmar)

  • – Used 30 TPH high speed elevator. Normally, feeding time 30 minutes and discharge time 30 minutes. Total time round about one hours, very safe time.
  • – Don’t use screw conveyor at filling and delivery and so much less paddy broken and very few replacement and maintenance.
  • – Our design is LSU type invented by Louisiana State University.

This design is very suitable for grain and there are three layers drying zone in our dryer.

  • – We used very good dust control system so there is very little dust in the environment.
  • – Paddy discharge system is different from other and we use swing style that is better than usual rotary blade system. Our system enables free from blocking plastic rope, straw and other trash so cannot affect the dryer operation.
  • – Our system can change temperature automatically depending on moisture content. That is safe more drying time and less broken than conventional dryer. In addition, our system can adjust automatically hot and cold air system depending on moisture content.
  • – We use axial fan for the inlet and outlet of the hot and cold air.
  • – Use fulling automatic PLC system.
  • – Use 90% Galvanize material and so can get more clean, sturdy and durable, enable long life time.
  • – Dryer system is guaranteed for three years.  Stainless steel duct in the drying zone are guaranteed for ten years. 

Technical Data

Dryer 5H-15
Batch cycle
Capacity Paddy ( 580 kg/m3)
Machine Dimension Length * width * height
Biomass (rice husk) burning heat exchanger type furnace (fully automatic) model PLC automatic temperature control
Ignition Manual
Indirect heat exchanger type furnance (rice husk usage) kg / hr 40-100
Power Voltage/frequency 220V/380V 50/60Hz
Dryer 15 kw
Furnace 19 kw
Performance Feeding Time 30 min
Discharging Time 30 minj
Moisture Content Discharging rate 1-1.5%