Intelligent Peace brothers Paddy Dryer


1. W30-low speed 30 ton per hour elevator
2. without upper and lower screw conveyor
3. LSU type drying technology 3 layers
4. Dust control systems (no complain environment)
5. Swing type discharging system
6. Hot air temperature automatic change depend on moisture
content (fast drying without broken)
7. input and output axial fan
8. fully automatic PLC control
9. maintenance free
10. 3 years warranty (drying zone stainless steel 10years warranty)

Technical Data

Batch cycle
CapacityPaddy ( 580 kg/m3)
Machine DimensionLength * width * height
Biomass (rice husk) burning heat exchanger type furnace (fully automatic)modelPLC automatic temperature control
Indirect heat exchanger type furnance (rice husk usage) kg / hr40-100
PowerVoltage/frequency220V/380V 50/60Hz
Dryer15 kw
Furnace19 kw
PerformanceFeeding Time30 min
Discharging Time30 minj
Moisture Content Discharging rate1-1.5%