Horizontal Whitening Model 15-B

Horizontal Rice Whitener is one of the most commonly utilized machines for rice whitening owing to its excellent processing efficiency & production speed. It is equipped with superior quality abrasive rollers having air holes & spiral grooves for rice cooling. This machine effectively removes bran layer from rice with minimum chances of kernel breakage. It adopts excellent aspiration system which maintains optimum sanitation. Horizontal Rice Whitener is completely automatic in nature and has sturdy construction with ventilated body for proper heat dissipation.


  • Maintains low inside pressure
  • Uniform & high-degree whitening
  • Low maintenance needs
Horizontal Rice Whitener

These machines having plurality of abrasive rollers with spiral grooves and air holes mounted on hollow shaft give a glossy finish to the rice with effective bran removal. Aspiration system cools the rice with smooth flow, low pressure inside the milling chamber thereby minimizing the incidence of broken rice. Particularly suitable for milling raw brown rice though can also be used for parboiled rice.