Horizontal Whitening TQN Model

TQN 128 Features

  • The machines have characteristics of stable operation and good appearance
  • Large yield, the rice is white and bright
  • Less chaff, low temperature of rice , low broken rate
  • Has better effect to parboiled rice and boiled rice

Technical Data

Model TQN128
Capacity (t/h) 1.2-1.6
Power (kw) 15-18.5
Speed of the main shaft (r/min) 900
Air Volume (m3/min) 2100-2300
Weight (kg) 198
Size (L×W×H) mm 1030×640×1540

TQN168 Inclined iron and sand roller Rice milling machine

Model TQN168 TQN128
Capacity (t/h) 2.5-3.3 4-4.5
Power (kw) 22-30 37-45
Weight (kg) 675 800
Size (L×W×H) mm 1680×760×1560 1580×860×1600