PUD 25-GP Automatic Batch Scale ( Double Scale)

Cope of application

Quantitative packaging of  granulated materials such as rice, seeds and side crops.

FAG 750 Series Automatic Packing Unit

Cope of application

Automatic quantitative packaging of  granulated materials and coarse powder such as rice, feeds, sugar, fertilizers and chemical products.

Sealing Equipments

Automatic Bag Folding And Sewing Machine

Automatic edge folding machine adopts Photo electric control which can automatically and continuously finish the process of edge stitching and thread chain cutting of kraft paper or plasitc when bags.

Electronic Quantitative Packing Machine

DCS FB Series

Heat sealing machine is optional configuration.

Packing Machine

DCS 50E Series

Suitable Extent

The packing of rice , bean, coffee bean, kidney bean,corn, peanut, cashew and so on.

Electric Flow Scale

DCS 50LD Series

Suitable Extent

The weighing of rice , paddy, corn and so on.

Rice Mixing Machine

DCS SZ Series

Suitable Extent

It’s a rice weighing and mixing equipment of discontinuous feeding and continuous discharging.

Powder Quantitative Packing Machine

DCS Series

Suitable Extent

The packing of powder material in flour , feed and so on.

Vacuum Packing Machine

Continuous Heat Sealer


  • High efficiency , reliable sealing quality, rasonable structure , easy operation
  • Adjustable temperature , themostatically controlled equipment temperature difference in 0.5 degree