DCS 50 ZH Series Packing Machine

Suitable Extent

The packing of material with weak, flowability, such as broken material and flaky material.


Three load cells structure PLC and weighing controller; auto lifting conveyor, auto sewing and thread cutting.

Technical Data

Weigh Range (kg)25-5025-50
Division value (g)1010
Weighing error0.1%FS0.2%FS
Weighing speed (bag/h)200-300Less than 400
Working environment power supplyRelative humidity (RH) Less than 90% ; 4N-AC380V 50HzRelative humidity (RH) Less than 90% ; 4N-AC380V 50Hz
Power Consumption ; Air Consumption2.5KW 0.4-0.5Mpa; compressed air 0.7 m3/h4.5KW 0.4-0.5Mpa; compressed air 0.7 m3/h
Dimension (mm) L×W×H2932×1395×5124735×1443×2527