Electric flow scale

DCS 50LD Series

Suitable Extent

The weighing of rice , paddy, corn and so on.


Three load cells structure , fully electric structure, without air supply , easy installation and operation.

Technical Data

Model DCS-50LD DCS-100LD DCS-200LD DCS-300LD
Metering capability (T/H) less than or equal 20 (paddy) less than or equal 40 (paddy) less than or equal 60 (paddy) less than or equal 80 (paddy)
Weighting error 0.2%FS 0.2%FS 0.2%FS 0.2%FS
Power supply 4N-AC 380V 50Hz 4N-AC 380V 50Hz 4N-AC 380V 50Hz 4N-AC 380V 50Hz
Power consumption 0.9 KW 0.9 KW 0.9 KW 0.9 KW
Dimension (mm) L×W×H 1142×1034×1768 1283×1148×1911 1412×1312×2855 1360×1520×2925