FAG 750 Series Automatic Packing Unit


  • Weighing , filling, opening, feeding, sewing and other processes are fully automatic
  • It is also applicable to soft and open packing bags
  • Compact bag design and reasonable layout of multiple dust removal outlets to avoid dust
  • Friendly man-machine operation interface is operated simply and conveniently
  • Pneumatic , electric and testing components of the world famous brands are adopted and they are safe, reliable, fast and stable
  • It has a remote diagnosis function and can be maintained easily.

Technical Data

Packing range (kg)
Packing speed ( bag/h)500~750500~750
Weighting precision±0.1 % ~ ±0.2%±0.1 % ~ ±0.2%
Bag specification (mm)
Bag width: 400-500;
Bag Length:600-800;
Bag width: 500-600;
Bag Length:800-1000;
Ambient Temperature0~40 degree C0~40 degree C
Power supply , power consumptionAC 380V 50HZ, 12 kWAC 380V 50HZ, 12 kW
Gas source, gas consumption0.4~0.6 M Pa , 15Nm3/h0.4~0.6 M Pa , 15Nm3/h
Overall dimension (mm) L×W×H5000×3200×42005500×3420×4630