PUD 25-GP Automatic Batch Scale (double scale)


  • Feeding gate + double-cylinder combination feeding can be adjusted
  • Three-sensor suspension weighing structure
  • The head of the bag sewing machine moves left and right , and the single – person, operation and the double-person operatioin can be switched freely.(Optional oriented folding machine)
  • The height of bag sewing conveyor can be adjusted automatically
  • Set multiple weighing formulas for different target weights and switch them with one button
  • HD color touch screen * Intelligent weighing instrument

Technical Data

Weighting range (kg) 5~25
Weighting speed (bag/h) 600~900
Weighting Precision 0.1 ~ 0.2 % FS
Power Supply, Power Consumption AC 380V 50HZ, 1.1kW
Gas source, gas consumption 0.4 ~ 0.6 MPa, 1.5 Nm3/h
Overall dimension (mm) L×W×H 3192×927×2538