Rice Mixing Machine

DCS SZ Series

Suitable Extent

It’s a rice weighing and mixing equipment of discontinuous feeding and continuous discharging.


Three load cells structure , PLC and weighing controller, the target weight can be set freely, high precision

Technical Data

Model DCS 6SZ DCS 12SZ
Weighting range (T/h) 0.3-6 0.3-12
Division Value (g) 0.5% 0.3%
Power supply AC 380V 5% 50Hz AC 380V 5% 50Hz
Average power 100W 140W
Maximum instantaneous power Less than 260W Less than 480W
Working Environment Temperature 10 C to 40 C, Relative humidity , Less than 90 % RH Amplitude Less than 1mm
Frequency Less than 25hz
Environments vibration Amplitude Less than 1mm
Frequency Less than25hz
Amplitude Less than1mm
Frequency Less than 25hz
Dimension (mm) L*W*H 828×740×800 828×819×1007