Sealing Equipments Automatic Bag Folding and sewing Machine

Automatic edge folding machine adopts Photo electric control which can automatically and continuously finish the process of edge stitching and thread chain cutting of kraft paper or plasitc when bags. Its air supply systems can realise thread chain cutting and all mist lubrication. The height of the machine can be adjusted with the size of the bag.

Technical Data

Suture head height720-1220mm
Brake motor4P, 3Ph,0.75kW/0.4kW(Depending on the transmitting speed)
Start-stopPhotoelectric switch
Stitching headDS-9C(Japan NEWLONG)
Maximum Speed2700rpm
Stitch width7-10.5mm( Standard setting 10mm)
Stitch typeSingle needle, double thread chain stitch( single thread should to be customized)
Cutter TypeCylinder driver cutter
Air Pressure0.4MP/cm3
Air Consumption3.5NL/min
Lubrication systemAutomatic, oil bath system (recommended lubricant : Shell Tellus Oil No.32)
ThreadsSynthetic fiber or cotton threads , 3×3 strand