Sealing Equipments

Automatic Bag Folding And Sewing Machine

Automatic edge folding machine adopts Photo electric control which can automatically and continuously finish the process of edge stitching and thread chain cutting of kraft paper or plasitc when bags. Its air supply systems can realise thread chain cutting and all mist lubrication. The height of the machine can be adjusted with the size of the bag.

Technical Data

Suture head height 720-1220mm
Brake motor 4P, 3Ph,0.75kW/0.4kW(Depending on the transmitting speed)
Start-stop Photoelectric switch
Stitching head DS-9C(Japan NEWLONG)
Maximum Speed 2700rpm
Stitch width 7-10.5mm( Standard setting 10mm)
Stitch type Single needle, double thread chain stitch( single thread should to be customized)
Cutter Type Cylinder driver cutter
Air Pressure 0.4MP/cm3
Air Consumption 3.5NL/min
Lubrication system Automatic, oil bath system (recommended lubricant : Shell Tellus Oil No.32)
Threads Synthetic fiber or cotton threads , 3×3 strand

Bag Heat Sealing And Sewing Machine

  • Workflow for heat sealing and sewing Bag mouth cleaning (alternative)
  • Cutting knife bag mouth trimming
  • Heat sealing of inner bag (heating of 4 groups of heating blocks. PTFE sealing belt makes the heating blocks not directly contact with the bag in order to protect the appearance of the bag from adhension with the heating blocks)
  • Roll processing
  • Wrinkled paper tapes
  • Bag sewing machine: sewing of external bag

Technical Data

Sealing Speed (m / min) 7-10
Power of heating block 0.5×8
Power of sealing machine 0.4
Power of sewing machine 0.4
Power of bag mouth cleaning 0.55(optional)
Total Power 5.5
Equipment dimension (L×W×H mm) 3153×1090×2052
Weight 650
Suture head D5-7C
Sealing height 800-1700
Sealing temperature 0-400
Scope of application Woven bags ( film coating) PE film heat sealing inside bag, wrinkle paper bag sealed outside bag.