Vacuum Packing Machine

Continuous Heat Sealer


  • High efficiency , reliable sealing quality, rasonable structure , easy operation
  • Adjustable temperature , themostatically controlled equipment temperature difference in 0.5 degree
  • Stepless speed transmission structure , adjustable sealing speed
  • Automatic continuous sealing the PE or PP materials, supporting the use of all kinds of packaging line but restricted
  • Specific in dual channel sealing , increase the sealing strenth ( model 1100B only)

Technical Data

Model FRYC-1100A FRYC-1100B
Power(kw) AC220, 0HZ AC220, 0HZ
Power Consumption 1KW 1KW
Heater power 450W×2 450W×2
Sealing speed 0-12m/min
sealing width 8mm 2×8 mm
Temperature range 0-300C
Dimension(mm) L×W×H 795×2765×333 795×2765×333


Suitable Extent

Quantitative vacuum packing of rice , multi-grain, food and so on.

Technical Data

Weigh Range (kg ) 0.25-5.0
DIvision Value (g) 2-5
Weighig Error 0.2%FS
Packing Speed (bag/h)
Leveling parts
Voltage (v) AC380V 5%, 50Hz
Power and air comsumption 2.5KW 0.6Mpa compressed air 3m3/h
Vacuum 0.7 Mp-0.0Mp(adjustable)
Dimension(mm) L×W×H 1420×1460×2240