Gravity Separator


  1. This machine can replace gravity separator, reduce the load of gravity table and increase production further.
  2. For the processing of wheat, rice, corn, soybean, sorghum and other commodity grains, productivity can reach 20t/h, and can remove more than 90% kinds of light impurities from grain.
  3. Complete wind selection, gravity selection, screening and grading, which can save energy and reduce consumption and labor.
  4. Environmental cyclone duster system and without a lot of dust leakage.
  5. It can be equipped with elevator, screw conveyor and belt conveyor.


  1. The front sieve can remove small impurities, which can reduce the load of gravity table and blockage of small particles. 
  2. The machine can also remove kinds of light and small impurities, which improves the selection of proportion greatly.